Diane W. Younkins
Pastoral Counselor


About Diane Younkins

Diane uses Jungian ideas and mind-body-spirit work to encourage tapping into existing inner wisdom that leads to new growth and maturity. Diane specializes in working with adult caregivers, couples, elders,  and lay and professional spiritual leaders seeking to discover ways to deeper their own self-understanding in whatever stage of life they are experiencing.

Areas of Focus

My practice serves adults interested in developing a deeper self-understanding of themselves. I work with individual adults, couples (including GLBT), and families. In  addition, I also provide consultation, workshops and seminars on specific growth and development topics.

Issues that might be treated:

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma

  • relationship difficulties

  • self-image and self-esteem issues

  • career and life creativity choices

  • grief/loss

  • major life changes/challenges

  • coping with family caregiving, including long-distance

  • dealing with chronic illness

  • emotional pain from spiritually related abuses
    (clergy abuse, faith-of-origin mismatch,etc.)


I believe that everyone has within themselves the ability to tap into their gifts, talents and ways of being that bring health and wellness and balance more deeply into their lives. This work can be challenging, but it also carries its own rewards of living a more integrated life. By exploring one's hopes, dreams, and difficulties,  - all parts of life are grist for the mill I believe that we have the opportunity to grow more deeply connected to the healthier parts of our self and experience life more fully.

I use techniques derived from Narrative Therapy, guided imagery/mediations, the creative arts therapies in a Jungian vein, dream work and journaling, and encouraging awareness of the body. I have training in Imago couples work, EMDR trauma informed treatment, and various insight meditation techniques.

Our sensory experience is core to our human experience. Our senses provide us with our first contact with love, are affected by emotions and behavior conscious and unconscious, and shape who we are. How we perceive these experiences can limit or create opportunities. My hope is that these techniques offer new ways of experiencing and understanding ourselves.

Important Information
If you are having a mental health emergency or crisis needing immediate attention, please contact your local emergency services. In Frederick or Washington Counties in Maryland, call 211.